Time To Close Up Shop?

I've been thinking it was time to close up shop here. I was uncertain what more I could post on my sites any further. There is always more. However, after thinking, prayer and consulting my family, I've decided to post this question:


If I do not receive any messages from you; then I will delete this page...and my other websites. I pray I hear from you. Oh, it's not a matter of money, but time, interests...it seems to me, people just do not want to hear/read anything any more of the Gospel and some revealing insights. Most herd around the mega church ministers around the world on TV, only desiring to have their ears tickled, to watch the smiling preachers make light of God's Word, and to mock and deceptively disobey God and teaching their flock to do the same. Many only being lovers of money, mocking God. It's disgusting!


Nevertheless, I have new content, I believe, if you want to visit this page and see it; use the form below and let me know. Otherwise, within 7 to 10 days, this website will no longer exist. If this site blessed you let me know. :) Take care, and remember- we are blessed and loved by God. (Date- 2/9/2018)



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