Why Bother....


If your only job is to inform; I'm sure you've gone over and above the call of duty. But why, why complain........why talk about it- when you offer no recourse, no solution- at best, "call your congressman!" Well, people have been "calling" for a long time, and just look at the world as it is now. I wonder, maybe we should have saved our dimes.


Protests? What good have they done through the ages? Did things on your side of the grass improve? I ask these questions because no one else has. 


If your dialogue, blog, video; speech of any kind does not discuss and answer with a time to enact a resolution, an actionable resolve against the PTB, then at best you are part of the conspiracy, part of the problem.


At best, you walk along side of the evil; producing no deterrent or end to the apparent threat to the freedoms we once held dear. At the end of the day, you exploit the wickedness, wicked men as being winners with no end to their corruption. 


Basically you shout to the world, "we know what you are, what you do, but all we will do is share and post and repost your daily hidden agendas." Not so hidden anymore, but not stopped to say the least. The plans of evil continue unabated. It's shocking to say the least.


As long as people sit around talking about the wrongs and woes of the world; the evil men (and women) know two things: 1. you're just going to "talk" and 2. you're going to sit on your ass and do nothing like a good little boy and girl (i.e. sheeple); being nothing more than a talking head who pays taxes and producing information without reward or resolve. And they are pretty happy about it. So I guess you'll just keep it up. 


And lastly, just because someone says it (write's it) doesn't make it true- use discernment in all you do and in what others may do or say. -



Watching the watchers,

'A Revolution is Calling

...but no one answers the call'


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