Setting A Date!

Has the PTB, ruling elite, Khazarian jews, shadow gov't set a date or goal completion themselves? And how will that affect you? While we know it's wrong to set dates as to when the Lord will return, can we as fallible humans set dates for destruction for the future? Sure. For years now, long before the 70's evil, men have been experimenting with weather control; per se, to be used as a weapon. An obvious alternative to the destructive effects of nuclear fallout (unless you're ready for it), that of hydrogen bombs, etc. And, at the end of the day, regardless of what country, what religion- for the most part, both religious and non-religious will blame mankind, or earth changes, climate problems; but leading the list, is God. God always gets the blame; and the globalist as their called, LOVE it.


Everyone believes that nothing happens but what God didn't do, or at the very least, allow. This is not the case as we can see in Scripture, not everything does as God wishes. But ultimately, God will ALWAYS win out. Mankind has been given powers, freedom of will. And, least we forget, God has given certain people, angels abilities and knowledge to do many interesting things. Yet, they too are not hidden, they are in fact known. Sadly, others disbelieve, and or write you off as crazy; that it couldn't be true. Yeah, they are stupid, and you know, you cannot fix stupid. Unlearned at best, but when faced with even the truth, they still scoff. It usually ends up being a "conspiracy." Well, if we can prove it true, then yes, a conspiracy it is; but one that will most certainly control the way you think, act and live your daily life.


It's very sad. But truly, can a "date" be achieved? Sure, when you have a commitment from a ruthless group worldwide, and without checks and restraints, yes...troubles can come, and they will affect many, many people; and while most just accept it as the will of God, the sheep will lie down in defeat. Hopefully you will watch the video below: Yeah, it's dated also. We are ever so closer to that terrible time when, well...God forbid, the unthinkable happens. Some of you reading this know what I'm talking about.


The year, 2020. I might also mention that the Army Scientists (yeah, from the USA) have determined  and admitted they will own the weather by 2025. This is what they stated; and not some crazed conspiracy theorist. The year now? 2017. We are not far away. Are you ready? I hope so, by my watch, it's 0 dark 30!  - Moraldiplomat

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