In spite of people's intellect, many are not lazy; they are, because of bad choices or a frontal attack they just did not see coming- they are unable to work, unable to do this or that. At moments, unable to reason. Times are hard for many. Not all are rich and still panhandling at the local wal mart.


This is not the same America we grew up in, and would not be recognizable by our ancestors. But like every good thing on earth, it too has come to an end. Oh, if people would open their eyes and see the hurting, and help. If only people could once more help their brothers and sisters. If only families were still tight. If there were no divisions. Yet, there must be some dividing lines. For not all are going to make it, in this life nor the next. It's sad that we cannot be on the same page.


I weep not for myself, but for those I'm unable to help, I'm concerned about what freedoms people have given up for their security or allowed rights and freedoms to be controlled or manipulated, taxed or dissolved. What morals have they side-stepped for the sake of those that laugh at good character. What family have they neglected for their own personal agenda? What could be so important that a loving phone call could not be made? It's truly sad that Amerika has fallen so hard.


How is it so many of our family members are brainwashed with the worldly lies. They think they actually know things and they show themselves to know nothing.


Contrary to popular opinion, it's not all about you. It's not even about your family that you say and seemingly prize and cherish so much, yet in your heart lies coldness, contempt and vanity to a fault. Minds so busy, walking along in friendship with the world who vehemently hates you in the shadows. Will there be a refreshing or is it to remain a wasteland? When they awake it will be too late. :(      -Moraldiplomat

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