Is it time to Bug Out ?

Honestly, I don't know ...

Just remember, in any bug out situation; cover the 3 W's;...Warmth, Water, Weapons. You have them covered, you'll be ok. Learn all you can, because most don't know how to survive beyond the closest gas station or walley mart store.

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America will NEVER be "great again."

Bug Out Bag Contents

Being Blunt!


Do we stay, do we find out what we need to do to evacuate this country and let them fight amongst themselves? Are the resources beyond fixing. Do we stay and fight? Do we whoop ass and then leave? So many questions ... I can only hope people will pray and ask God what it is that they need to do, for themselves, families and maybe where we need to go next, and do what when we get there!


Not everybody is the same, but so many people have left this country, even soldiers have went AWOL and left the middle east, discretely returning to the US to get their families, etc. and left the country. Sadly, and evidence shows that other soldiers have committed suicide and or been killed by their own platoon member; because of deserting. This has been confirmed.  :(


Listen to what others have done:




Some have however, prepped...stocked weapons, etc...going to grit their teeth, and dig in. They are ready to fight when certain lines are crossed. Of course, this does not apply to all people. People like Liberals, and Democrats, well, they should be considered the enemy- You might not like that fact, but the evidence shows more than just opinions. Today, republicans are just as likely to side with dems than any previous time period. At the end of the day, just use discernment regardless of political affiliation. Be watchful!

Bug Out Vehicles


Definition of anarchy

  1. 1a :  absence of governmentb :  a state of lawlessness or political disorder c :  a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without a government standard of morals and values; having laws protecting abnormal lifestyles.


Yes, we are there ..

it was almost 0dark 30

Analyze the picture above and you'll now where to go.

Be prepared, cause it's going to rain one day.

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