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First of all, in the event ammo and or weapons (guns, rifles, etc) are taken away or unavailable and things arise that hinder you from a successful gun battle (hence using a firearm); I highly recommend you learn how to easily disarm an attacker, and learn to use your very hands in such a way that they are more dangerous than a gun in your hand. Anything can be used as a weapon. Get the "know-how" on how to use "anything" as a defensive weapon including yourself.  Below are vids on some not common tactics that could save your life or the life of someone you love.

Credit: My Dad for this picture above. Thanks Dad!

Never think you'll need to know any skills like below.................give it time!

I hope you never have to confront "anyone" with attack skills, or defensive posture; but sooner or later many of you reading this might. It's like a gun, "I'd rather have one and not need it than need one and not have it." Just these few video lessons can mean the difference for some between life and death. Sure, you have a cell phone, sure you have police; but will they be standing behind you in the event of an attacker? Yeah, you know the answer.


This is a dangerous world for many people. Gov't is not on "the people's" side. There is an element that would just as soon have an unarmed public. You see it all the time in the news where a person was attacked, shot, raped. And it's not just me and you- it's children. How many lives of children could also have been protected if THEY TOO, knew some moves to esacpe or harm an attacker or threat? 


In the future (and some events are taking place now), military, foreign and or domestic will not be on your side. Local police, feds, and state entities have already shown us they are not always on our side; not to mention the corruption among those who for some reason passed mental tests and background checks, only to be given authority over "the people." What are we to do? The system, as corrupt as can be, protects them. Since regime change here may take a while; it may be prudent to learn a few things. Buy some books, watch some videos, but learn and practice. People's lives are at stake! Most of those we call "hero's" don't always look like hero's. Be the real thing! Come out on top and live to tell about it. Not all our enemies live in a desert. Most are living just down the road. 

The day will come when people realize or witness that those we were told were our enemies were nothing more than victims (I didn't say innocent, just victims) of the military industrial complex. Not all enemies of "the people" wear towels on their heads.

Remember, we have the right to bear arms: you decide what for what reason, that too is your right.

"One sword keeps another in the sheath." Sometimes the threat of violence alone is a deterrent.  Sometimes by taking a life, others can be preserved.


Keep your right to bear arms and use it against those (Domestic and foreign) that would subvert the established laws of our ancestors.

If you won't fight, then you don't believe anything here is worth fighting for. If that's not the case, you will either leave the country, or you will live as a slave.

We have choices- Make the right one.

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