In the Future ...

Will people that wear the American flag backwards be considered our  enemies? Will they fire upon U.S. citizens if commanded to do so? Will certain groups be considered domestic terrorists? Are we already labeled?

We say it will never happen; but as history has shown, anything can happen, if it can happen, it probably will (Murphy's Law). We live in a different world today. Never say never. Be aware not only of your surroundings, but also those within your surroundings. Until then, it's "hopefully" business as usual.

Will those currently wearing or having previously worn the American flag perverted, become an enemy of the people? Time will tell. Be aware.

Can anyone remember when American soldiers started wearing perverted versions of the U.S. flag?

Former Armed forces Mitchell Lewis comments below

"When I wore the uniform of the United States Air Force I never, absolutely never, saw an American flag displayed backwards on a uniform or anywhere else. The first "backwards flag" I recall seeing was on the sleeves of our forces in Iraq in 2003. They were not on the uniform of those in the Gulf War of 1991 or any previous war. I recall that for a while I saw at least some uniforms with both the reverse flag on the right sleeve and the traditional flag above the left breast pocket.


Note: Backwards flags appeared on uniforms around or about the time George Bush Sr. called for a "New World Order" That dates the change to on or about 1991.

Now I understand that it is against regulation and subject to disciplinary action for anyone in a U.S. Armed Service to have any flag displayed other than the reverse flag. Why would the military outlaw the traditional American flag (the real one) to be worn by Americans in uniform? Would another 2 by 3 inch piece of cloth on a uniform bust the Pentagon's half trillion dollar budget? 


It seems to me that if anyone is going out of their way and making excessive effort over something supposedly of no consequence, it is the military command. For reasons that to me seem utterly trivial if not indeed bizarre, they substitute a bogus reverse representation of the flag for the real one and then proceed to make the real one illegal.


Think about it for a minute. We have a flag that has represented this nation for over two hundred years in war and peace, one that has acquired a great and honorable tradition as well as an exact code of display and ceremony. It has become known the world over in countless images. And I would suggest everyone who professes to love the flag and all it represents to go and look at what is surely the most famous image of all, the raising of the flag on Iwo Jima in World War II. The flag is waving in the breeze and the blue field is to the left, damn it, not the right. No backwards flag!

I'm not certain about the reverse flag in regard to the International Laws of Warfare discussed in a prior post, but I believe there may be something to it because I recall reading about some troops having to remove national insignia from their uniforms before they could be placed under United Nations command in a peacekeeping mission. I don't know enough yet to be certain if the reverse flag is the product of sinister or merely uninformed motives, but I'm highly suspicious and will continue to search for the truth.


The "backwards flag" is no silly affectation. It is part of a well-planned and coordinated effort to subvert our national sovereignty. As pointed out, reversing the display of a nation's flag can sometimes result in the flag becoming that of another nation. 


At any rate, it ceases to be a legally emblematic of the sponsoring nation. It is part of the body of the International Laws of Warfare that combatants not PROPERLY displaying the flag of their nation on their uniforms are not considered to be under the command and control of that nation. All this nonsense about a flag emblem sewn on a uniform not looking like a flag on a pole moving backwards is the most ridiculous and transparent non-reason that I can imagine to try to disguise the real intent. 


No rational 7-year old would buy such idiocy, but most adults will because they have had more years of government indoctrination. Because we are fighting a worldwide "War on Terrorism", surrender of any and all of our rights, individual as well as national, is expected and will, almost universally, be gladly given. 

Martial law under a high-tech police state is just around the corner, folks. And when it arrives, it will give me no pleasure to say "I told you so" to all those who, certain that "It can't happen here in the land of the free", invariably dismiss this horrific prospect. On that awful day, we will all find it much more difficult to maintain our lives, let alone our freedoms. "

Let's hope that all military and police will forget about honor, duty, laws, politicians, orders and remember love, peace, family, truth, justice, the Constitution, Freedom and what this country might have been had they not given into the military industrial complex.

Who will stand with us?

"Trump's Job is to Prepare America for War" ~ William Engdahl