Main Stream Media NEWS news

When they say it's safe, it's probably not; when they say it's real bad, it's probably not at all; it may yet be another lie...keep digging for the truth!

Yeah, it matters!!!

Fake news???? Children that are supposedly dead from school shootings are appearing "alive" again. 19 of the supposed hijackers of the a planes used in 911 twin tower crash has been found to be alive. A woman, a reporter that apparently made a phone call from on of the hijacked planes is seen daily on British news television. The 7 astronauts that blew up in the 1987 Challenger shuttle explosion, all but 1 have been found and even have Facebook pages. Yep, they're alive. How can that be? Because people are gullible and stupid, taking things at face value. Sad, how people are easily deceived. It's worked for thousands of years and continues to work today; albeit not on all.


But what is worse than actually finding out the truth? It's that when people do realize they've been lied to, they do nothing about it. Well, what can people do. What's done is done; and in reality, people don't really care if the gov't lies to them. It's just they don't want people they care about to lie to them. Hmmm...splitting hairs and double standards suck in the world eh? but hey, that's the truth of things. Sad--------:(


To me, it's truly shocking how passive and dumbed-down people have become.