0 dark 30

The Time in Between:


There is a Space Between Dawn and Daylight- it's there you might find yourself in prayer; ...........it's zero-dark-thirty!

 Zero dark thirty

A humorous way to declare an unknown time in the wee hours of the morning. Especially used by military personnel to describe an unwanted time to be awake or awaken. Usually pronounced "oh" dark thirty.



A moment in time when you decide to follow a chosen path in life (i.e. Jesus Christ) right before the door is shut; before it's too late to choose. And by not choosing, you forfeit choice and by default have chosen hell on earth as your judgment and Hell as your eternal home.

It's zero-dark-thirty;............time for you to make some decisions. But don't take too long. FEMA camps are open for business. And they're looking for an opportunity. Maybe a tornado, hurricane...any false flag crisis will do as well. Make sure regardless of where you are, you made Jesus your choice. He has not let me down and He won't let you down. This is war we are in- act like you got some sense!  

it's zero dark 100 !