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For life's sake; reject, rebuke, renounce any and all "vaccines." think your issues are hereditary (possibly through your ancestors inoculations) ??? It's been done with the assistances of many years of doctors, mad scientists and bio-engineers through centuries of gathering, storing and creating disease and pestilence to foist upon an unsuspecting world. Through the use of vaccines and other methods- a bio-war is waged. How?


Well, other than the normal toxins having been found in almost all injectable liquids (i.e. Lead, mercury, human DNA, glysophate-round up, etc.), your vaccine will include a virus....LIVE virus! A cocktail of flu, GMO flu culture, and one or more of several other  lab created and or modified bio-weapons to either cause other health issues and or deaths. This has not only been proven but some of the most influential people, millionaires are touted as helping create and or make these dangerous vaccine- and some have even stated they want to help depopulate the earth! Right out of their own mouths they do this. 


How do they sleep at night? Easily, they were born for just this lengthy undertaking. And while they move among us they work, make their Hollywood movies, build their skyscrapers and turn out the money for a lifestyle you nor I will ever experience in this age; they behind the scenes pledge their money and lying influence to killing the poor, stretching the distance between rich and poor, eradicating the middle class to controllable levels, destroy the senior citizens and if all possible, destroy every man woman and child on earth.


But at the very least, they wish to torment or torture all human life. It's their job, it's what they were born for and they cannot be stopped, or should I say,...there is no one on earth that believes what I'm writing enough to stop them. So, the pharmaceutical companies, they are apparently safe from all harm; they have set aside billions of dollars for lawsuit in the event, yet they still go on tormenting and killing unsuspecting people; and go on creating their evil. The CDC and other military labs work day and night to secure new and improved diseases/bio-weapons...while any and all involved live to lie about their ties to such atrocities. There cannot feel sympathy, or even empathy. But they are actors on the world stage, throwing money at charities who also in turn create an atmosphere of bondage, poisons, chemicals and then inject them into healthy children. 


Yes, they do this in the name of "healing" but no one has ever been healed from their machinations or experimentations.  People trade one treatment for another sickness on down the road.


It's the case of the Greek selling you a "cure", while one "treats" your affliction, inside a "drug" or treatment is a disease or life changing life harming future where you will always be chained to a poorer and lower standard of living.


Let us not forget the "binary" way of introducing a bio-weapon into the public...say a bag of cheap chips, lower priced labeled peanut butter (those are just examples and not proven that chips or peanut butter is used specifically for a delivery system of a binary biological weapon). However, let's say you eat these chips, maybe several times or just one gluttonous time and you eat the whole bag; maybe a certain frequency is needed in the air to activate it...but once delivered...and you, previously having received a vaccine well, now have a viral issue. God only know what havoc and sicknesses you experience- 


Sounds crazy? Google binary bio weapons, search and do your own homework, it can even be produced in a hairspray you use and using this or that product with that of another or maybe three items and you contract a disease you thought was hereditary or better yet, the simple flu; making you not only making you participate in a virus outbreak but now you're a carrier! Infecting others while you continue on your way.


It can even be a combination of two items. You need to eat that cheap brand of peanut butter, and a certain jelly and the third ingredient that cheap brand of white bread and boom! You now have a weaker immune system, maybe an allergic reaction to nuts now...could it be that you've been that way since a young child? Crazy??? No. The possibilities are limitless. I've done enough research; you should too! Don't think it cannot happen. So many other things have taken place on this earth and regardless of what "we say" happened or why, or that it could not happen again; guess what? It happened!!!! And people died.....................

Pestilence/Plague- it's here!

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